Air charge cooler
Design, development and manufacture of air charge coolers prototype for natural gas generator set were completed . Our engineers calculated the required thermal power,carried out air and liquid resistance. We also described the production technology and issued the specification of raw materials and components for mass production.

Sealing gaskets and separating plates
In this project we have designed, developed and manufactured gaskets and separating plates prototype for the hydraulic control unit of an automatic transmission for trucks and buses. Prototypes passed the test with positive marks. As a result we recieved unique performance and reliability. There are no analogues in Russia and the CIS countries.
Уплотнительная прокладка головки цилиндров
On the demand of our consumer we designed cylinder head gasket for heavy V-shaped diesel engine applicable in industrial and marine sectors. Prototypes have successfully passed the full list of tests and the gasket has been put into mass production. This gasket can seal against combustion gas pressure up to 250 bar and estimated operational resource is 25,000 hours.
Manufacturing process of catalytic converter elements
CAE simulation of forming process is made for manufacturing of stamped parts for catalitic converter. On the basis of CAE simulation we have designed and manufactured stamping tooling for mass production of details.